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Checking The Moving Contract: 3 Terms And Conditions To Look For In The Estimate

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When planning a move, you definitely should take a look at the type of services different professional movers can offer you. Upon inquiring about their services, each professional company should present you with either a binding or non-binding estimate. A non-binding estimate basically means that the professional moving company will have to stick to the estimate provided to you and can at most charge up to 10% more, whereas a binding estimate is set in stone. There will be a lot of details and specifications included in the estimate. This article will look at 3 terms and conditions that you should keep an eye out for.

Length of Time For When the Estimate Is Valid and Will Be Honored

You might have decided to look for a professional mover months ahead of time in order to ensure their availability and to lock down a good rate. In which case, you should scour the estimate to determine what the terms and conditions of the length of validity may be. This is basically how long the estimate will be in effect, and how long the professional moving company will honor the estimate provided to you. The timeline might not be just when you sign a contract with the professional movers for their services, but also the actual date when the move is scheduled to occur. For example, if the estimate states that the quote provided to you is valid for up to one month, the estimate may change if you are going to be moving two months later.

Make sure that the estimate is not awkwardly worded. In the event that the estimate states that the estimate will only be honored if the date of the move is scheduled within a certain amount of time, make sure that the professional moving company extends that date by giving you a new estimate. This is to protect yourself financially should things go sour.

Limitations of Liability Based on Services Provided

After handing over all of your personal belongings to a professional moving company, you might expect them to be liable for your items if they get damaged or become lost. However, that might not necessarily be the case. Most professional moving companies will clearly state whether there are any limitations of liability. For example, they might not be held responsible if any of your items become missing. In which case, the estimate will generally recommend that you purchase a certain type of insurance to protect your belongings.

Take a look at whether there are any terms and conditions that revolve around limitations of liability. You might not feel comfortable signing with a company that you can't hold liable should anything go wrong on their watch. In addition, while some moving companies may charge more, they might be willing to take on more responsibility and liability for your belongings should they become missing or damaged under their care and supervision.   

Whether There Will Be Charges and Fees for Certain Delays

The estimate will clearly outline the type of services that are included in the agreement; however, you should always take a look at whether there are any terms and conditions involved with charges and fees for certain delays. Keep in mind that most moving companies reserve the right to charge you for any additional services that they had to provide and were not included in the estimate.

In particular, you want to look for terms and conditions that determine whether or not you will be charged in the face of unavoidable delays. For example, if the moving truck was to break down in the middle of the move, you want to make sure that you won't be charged for the additional hours needed for the professional movers to arrive at your new destination and help you unpack your belongings.


It's a good idea to grab several estimates from several moving services companies in your area. Take a further and more in-depth look at the estimates to determine the type and quality of the services you will be providing, the general amount that you will be paying, and whether there are any charges or fees that you need to be wary of.