Storing Exercise Equipment

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Dangers Of Relying On Basement Storage

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Although the basement makes a convenient storage place, it is not a suitable one for all things you might wish to store. Your basement should only store items that are not very valuable and cannot be easily damaged. Here are some of the dangers of relying on basement storage space for most things: Multiple People Access Unless you live alone, it’s possible that your basement is accessed by all manner of people. Read More»

3 Advantages Of Climate-Controlled Storage Units

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Storage units provide a safe and convenient space for you to keep your belongings in for either long or short-term purposes. However, not all storage units are created equally: each facility will offer a different set of features and amenities. Climate-controlled storage units, like their name would suggest, offer temperature and moisture control for your storage space.  This distinctive feature of these types of storage units carries a unique set of advantages: understanding what climate-controlled storage units have to offer can help you figure out if they are the right fit for your storage needs. Read More»