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Tips For Storing Your Extra Office Furniture

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Optimizing your business's use of space can be critical for maximizing efficiency and productivity when it comes to your workers. However, it can be difficult to do this if your business has numerous pieces of furniture and equipment that are taking up valuable space. When putting these items in a storage unit, you should be using steps to help prevent them from suffering damage.

Protect The Finish On Wood Tables And Desks

Tables and desks can be among the larger items that will be found in your office. While placing extra wood furniture in storage units can free a substantial amount of space in your office, it is important to prevent the finish on these wood items from becoming damaged. This damage can occur due to dust and dirt scuffing it, moisture eroding and discoloring it, or substances spilling on them. Preventing these damages will require you to keep these items in climate-controlled units to minimize the risk of water damage occurring to the finish, and you will also benefit from placing a cloth tarp over the furniture to keep dust away from it.

Thoroughly Clean Upholstery Prior To Putting The Furniture In A Storage Unit

Upholstered furniture items, such as couches and chairs, are also commonly placed in storage units. However, dirty upholstery can create a number of problems. In particular, dirt and crumbs can start to decompose, which can impart an unpleasant smell in the upholstery. Furthermore, crumbs may attract insects, mice, and other pests to your storage unit. Steam clean your upholstered pieces of furniture to keep these pests from targeting your storage unit. After you steam clean the furniture, allow it at least an entire day to dry before putting it in the unit so that it will not be at risk of developing mildew or mold.

Backup Data That Is Stored On Computers That Will Be Put In The Unit

Your business may require computers to function, and this can lead to you having extra computers that you may need to store until you need them. Using a climate controlled storage unit can be a suitable option for these items. However, you will want to take steps to protect any sensitive data that is stored on these computers prior to moving them to the storage unit. Otherwise, if a computer suffers damage during the move, it could lead to the permanent loss of sensitive information.