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Tips For Packing Your Boxes So They Aren't Too Heavy

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When you are packing for a move, it can be extremely tempting to put all of your books or all of your dishes in the same box. This will allow you to ensure that you are able to find everything more easily and get the items that you need when you first arrive. The problem with this is that you can fit a lot of books in one box. This means that you can make the box extremely heavy. If you are planning on moving everything but the furniture yourself, the last thing that you want to do is pack your boxes so that they are too heavy to move or so that they rip the box and spill out. Here are some tips for packing your boxes so that they aren't too heavy, but so that everything still stays organized.

1. Identify All of Your Items That You'd Like to Keep Together

Your first step is to identify all of the items that you'd like to keep together. This could be all of your books, all of your dishes, all of your action figures, or even just all of your clothes. Next, note the items that are going to be heavy. The dishes and the books are likely going to be the heaviest in the above situation. 

2. Split Up Your Items Into Groups for Packing

Next, split up these items into small groups, each of which is no more than a few pounds. Pay special attention to the items that you marked as heavy. Take pictures of each group individually or note the items that are in each group on that same piece of paper that you used to make the list. You are going to be putting some of your dishes, some of your books, and some of your clothes in each box. 

3. Start Packing

Put the first small group of each item in the box. This will ensure that there is a good mix of heavy items and light items so that you can easily move everything. Mark down that you put those small groups into box number one and mark the box using a permanent marker so that it is labeled 1. Do this for the rest of your groups. This will allow you to immediately identify the box you need if you need to grab something.

By doing this, you will ensure that the boxes remain light enough to carry but are still organized. Talk to your movers at a place like Quick n Careful Movers for more information.