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3 Advantages Of Climate-Controlled Storage Units

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Storage units provide a safe and convenient space for you to keep your belongings in for either long or short-term purposes. However, not all storage units are created equally: each facility will offer a different set of features and amenities. Climate-controlled storage units, like their name would suggest, offer temperature and moisture control for your storage space. 

This distinctive feature of these types of storage units carries a unique set of advantages: understanding what climate-controlled storage units have to offer can help you figure out if they are the right fit for your storage needs.

1. Mold Protection

One of the key considerations of climate-controlled storage units is that they work to keep the humidity within your storage unit at a reasonable level. This helps protect your upholstered furniture, your shoes, your clothes, and any other fabric-based belongings which you may put into storage from suffering from mold growth, which can cause staining and even structural degradation of your items. 

Keep in mind while climate control can help reduce the risk of mold, you should still use proper packing techniques to guard your belongings against ambient humidity.

2. Warping Protection

In a similar train of thought to the above point, climate-controlled storage can also help protect your wooden furniture and belongings from damage associated with high humidity. Humidity can cause swelling and warping in wood. Further, both metal and wood can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, which can also cause structural damage to your belongings. 

This makes climate-controlled storage the best bet if you are placing antique or valuable items within a storage facility. Keep in mind that you should still store your pieces of furniture on wooden pallets to raise them up from the ground, as the temperature of the floor can still fluctuate significantly even in a climate-controlled storage unit.

3. Improved Air Quality

Finally, since climate-controlled storage units will have their air supply passed through the filter of a central heating or cooling system (depending on the location of your storage facility and the season), the air quality within your storage unit will be greatly improved. Dust and other airborne contaminants will not be allowed to build up on your stored items to a significant degree. 

This not only reduces the amount of cleaning that you have to do when you take your items out of storage again, but it can also help prevent finish dulling and scratching that such buildup can cause on wooden furniture, polished metal, and other similar materials and finishes.