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Dangers Of Relying On Basement Storage

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Although the basement makes a convenient storage place, it is not a suitable one for all things you might wish to store. Your basement should only store items that are not very valuable and cannot be easily damaged. Here are some of the dangers of relying on basement storage space for most things:

Multiple People Access

Unless you live alone, it's possible that your basement is accessed by all manner of people. Your family members, friends, and guests may all have access to your basement. The only exception is when you decide to lock up the basement and not give anyone else the keys, which may be selfish depending on your household setup. Of course, it also depends on what you are storing; you don't want to store valuable items in an area where everyone can access them. You don't want your teenager's friends messing up with your business files, for example.

There Is a High Risk of Flooding

Another problem with basement storage is that the basement is the lowest point in the house, which means it is the first place to flood if the house is flooded. Sure, there are different measures of preventing basement flooding, including the installation of a sump pump. However, the risk of flooding in a typical basement is still higher than the risk of flooding in a typical self-storage unit.

Most Basements Are Wet All the Time

Even without the issue of flooding, basement storage is not a good idea because most basements aren't that dry. The high humidity can damage delicate items such as books or important documents. It also encourages mold growth, and mold can damage many everyday items.

Temperature Fluctuations Are Common

The risk of storing important things in the basement is even higher if your basement is unfinished or if you haven't extended your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioner) system to the basement. In such a case, you are at the mercy of the local weather. The basement will be hot during hot weather and cold during the cold season.

There Is a High Risk of Pest Damage

Lastly, you should also be wary of keeping things that can be damaged by pests in the basement. A typical basement is dark and moist, and these two things provide the perfect breeding ground for most critters.

As you can see, your basement won't make a good storage place for your sensitive and expensive items. Such kinds of items are best kept in a suitable self-storage unit. For more information on storage unit services, contact a company such as Abby's Mini Storage.