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Moving Items Through Direct Freight Shipping Services

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When you have a large number of things to ship or even a large single item, you may want to consider using freight shipping services to ship the items directly from your location to the destination. There are some things to consider and many different freight options for you to use, so check with a couple of freight services near you before selecting a company to use. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

If you need a company to come and pick up your boxes or items for shipping and drop them off at a specific location, you may need to consider hiring a company that offers door-to-door shipping. The truck will come and pick up the items from your location and load them on the trailers with other things going to the same general area as your goods are going. 

You will need to arrange the shipment with the company and set up a time to come and get the items. The driver will count the boxes, document what they picked up and then give you a receipt for the items before he leaves. Ensure that you and the driver have the same count so there is no confusion about how many items you shipped, and have the receiving party count them off the truck as well. 

Liftgate Services

Requesting a truck that has a liftgate on the back to make it easier to load or unload the items is possible, but there may be an added cost. If you are shipping something on a large pallet that is too heavy to move by hand, you may not have a choice but to pay for this service.

The driver will typically only bring the packages to the back door of the trailer, and you will need to take them from there. If you do not want to lift the boxes you are shipping, you could request a liftgate, and the driver will then raise and lower the items on the tailgate for you. 

Insuring Your Items

If the shipping items are extremely valuable, you may want to buy some shipping insurance for the items. Many carriers that offer direct freight shipping carry insurance on the load, so check with them to see if you need additional insurance or not. If the replacement cost of the items you are shipping is higher than the shipper's insurance will cover, you should buy extra coverage in case the truck is involved in an accident or the items are damaged while in the shipper's possession. 

To learn more, contact a freight shipping company.